Prayer Requests


Sick List & Upcoming Surgery

Sherl Sauls had knee replacement at Rex Hospital this week.  Please remember her as she heals.

Ennette Thomas – cauterization on Wednesday.                        

Larry Strickland – upcoming heart surgery in Aug/Sept.

Clayton Corbett needs continued prayer.                              

Sam Daniels – cancer – add her to your prayer list.

Annie Ruth Adams (Stan’s mother) has dementia – the children are caregivers – please remember this family.      

J. P. Gurley – Continue to pray for strength.

Roy Gurley – Remember Roy and Barbara.

Raeford Gurley – Continue to pray for Raeford & Helen.

Susan Hill Peedin (friend of Judy Smith) cancer – needs a miracle from God.  Please continue to join Judy in prayer.                  

Don Ham – Good to see Don back in church last Sunday. Continue to remember him and family in your prayers.

Annette Smith (neighbor of Judy Smith) cancer.

Bob Murphy – pray for healing and continued strength.  

Bill Kennedy – continue to pray for Bill and Kelly.

Remember Our Shut-ins:  

Irene Evans – Accordius Nursing/Rehab Center in Wilson
Julia Gurley
Irene Joyner (Alice Coley’s mother)
Bill Kennedy
Emma Killingsworth     
Rose Mangum
Marjorie Newsome      
Brenda Peele          
Marie Peele    
Mary Lee Peele
Mary Pelt        
John Wayne Smith    
Shelton Smith           
Charlotte Smith   
Larry/Pam Strickland 
Grace Wiggs – Liberty Commons in Benson

Pray for our Church Family:

Tracey & Stan Adams                       Phyllis Anderson
Tracey & Diane Bissette                   Connie & Ray Bratcher
Ann Browder       Keith & Robin Carmack   
Nellie Carter       Ronnie & Kathy Carter 
Amanda & Brandon Cline                Matthew Waters
Colton Cline                                      Alice Coley
Ken & Michelle Cooke                   Kyle & Chloe Cooke
Clayton & Betsy Corbett       Joe & Sina Corbett
Jerry & Rhonda Creech       Nelson Creech

Our Church Leadership – Pastor Barry and our Official Board, Our Youth,Our Singers and Musicians,  Our PRESIDENT, Country and loved ones in Military. Our Lost loved ones in church and community and Unspoken Requests & Needs that are not listed – TAKE TIME TO PRAY EACH DAY!

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