Prayer Requests


Daphine Price
Joe Corbett
Rose Edmundson
Jimmy Jones
James Overman
Arlene Wade
Billy Smith
Charlotte Smith
Ray Smith
Russell Smith
Shelton Smith
Donald Corbett
Joyce Smith
Ricky Gurganus
Matthew (Amanda Cline’s son, Bond & Marsha’s grandson) surgery May 7th
Edgar Gurley family (Melanie, Chris, Michelle, Morgan, Carolina, & Madison)
Alton Holloman (Phyllis Anderson’s brother)
Nancy Adkins (friend of Bill & Marie Kennedy)
Crystal Parrott Walkerman (daughter of Judy Smith Parrott and John Wayne Smith and Linda Sutton’s niece)
Ronnie Edwards & Dean & Cindy Coor (friends of Barbara Gurley)
Elton & Trellie Herring (friends of E. L. and Judy Smith)
Ann Bass (friend of Rebecca King)
Keith Wade, Marcie W. Sutton, Garrett Sutton, Greg Sutton (Arlene T. Wade)
Tim Wells (Jennifer’s husband who sings with Morgan Gurley’s group)
Terry Cline (Amanda Jester Cline’s father-in-law)

Lexi Chamberlain – (Karen Wiggins relative)
Angela Barwick
James Blackwell
Dock Hobbs (PFWB)
Jean Ham
Chase Hooker
Archie Mooring
Kay Hart Quinn
Sharon Hanchey Smith (family of E. L. and Judy Smith)
Sharon Fowler (cousin of Kay Wene)
Jimmy Holloman (Phyllis Anderson’s Dad)
Teresa Jones (friend of Barbara/Helen Gurley)
Ann Smith (Mother of E. L. Smith)
Brandon Westbrook (Cathy Teague’s nephew)
Patricia Armstrong (Rita Hare’s neighbor)

On-going/Long-Term MedicaI Issues: 
Mary Beamon
Rachel Gay Tyndall
Joyce Smith
George Lewis
Bobbie Sauls
Sam & Rose Mangum
Daniel & Bridgette Johnson

Homes/Nursing Home/Assisted Living:
Ruben Browder
Emmett Carter
Kenneth Corbett
Irene Evans
John William Gurley
Marie Kennedy
Bill Killingsworth
Marjorie Newsome
Marie Peele
Mary Lee Peele
Annette Pelletier
Sarah Taylor
Ernest Quinn
Raeford Scott

Our Caregivers:
Ann Browder
Vernell Quinn
Todd Pelletier
Emma Killingsworth
Lucille Smith
Ethan Price (for Grandpa Colie)

Our Church Leadership – Pastor Barry and his team, Our Youth, Our Country and loved ones in Military, Our LOST Loved Ones in Church & Community

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